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Showing 1 - 24 of 141 products
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Davis Cable Buddy Steering Cable Lubrication System [420]
Save $5.43
Uflex 90 Helm Fitting f/UP Series [HELM FITTING]
Uflex USA Uflex 90 Helm Fitting f/UP Series [HELM FITTING]
Sale price$13.95 Regular price$19.38
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Uflex UC128TS / UC128-SVS Spacer Kit [40735C]
Uflex USA Uflex UC128TS / UC128-SVS Spacer Kit [40735C]
Sale price$20.95 Regular price$28.38
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Uflex UC94 Tiller Bolt Kit [42838Z]
Uflex USA Uflex UC94 Tiller Bolt Kit [42838Z]
Sale price$36.95 Regular price$50.50
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UFlex Rotech 13' Rotary Steering Package - Cable, Bezel, Helm [ROTECH13FC]
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Davis Rudder Position Indicator [385]
Davis Instruments Davis Rudder Position Indicator [385]
Sale price$25.95 Regular price$34.99
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Edson Satin Finish Stainless Steel ComfortGrip 13" PowerWheel w/Knob  Nut [1710WB-13WB-KIT]
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Edson PowerKnob Sportsman - Black [967-18BL]
Edson Marine Edson PowerKnob Sportsman - Black [967-18BL]
Sale price$93.95 Regular price$116.00
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Uflex Aluminum Inboard Cylinder - 1.25" Bore  7" Stroke [UC116-I]
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Edson Stainless Throttle Handle [963SB-55]
Edson Marine Edson Stainless Throttle Handle [963SB-55]
Sale price$72.95 Regular price$88.00
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Edson PowerKnob ProSeries - Stainless [969ST-18]
Edson Marine Edson PowerKnob ProSeries - Stainless [969ST-18]
Sale price$122.95 Regular price$153.00
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Sea-Dog Steering Cable Boot [521700-1]
Sea-Dog Sea-Dog Steering Cable Boot [521700-1]
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Attwood Motor Well Boot f/4" Diameter Opening [12820-5]
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Uflex UC128TS Mounting Hardware [40736E]
Uflex USA Uflex UC128TS Mounting Hardware [40736E]
Sale price$19.95 Regular price$26.98
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Uflex Powertech Bulkhead T-Fitting [UPS BLKHD T-FIT]
Save $15.05
Edson Stainless Clutch Handle [963PT-55]Edson Stainless Clutch Handle [963PT-55]
Edson Marine Edson Stainless Clutch Handle [963PT-55]
Sale price$72.95 Regular price$88.00
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Octopus Hydraulic Steering Fluid - Quart [OCTOIL1USQ]
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Edson 14.5" SS ComfortGrip Powerwheel Steering Wheel w/PowerKnob [1710ST-14-KIT]
Save $278.09
Intellisteer Type H f/Boats with Hydraulic Steering [INTTYPEH]
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Uflex UC95OBF-1 Hydraulic Cylinder 175HP or Less [UC95OBF-1]
Save $49.74
Panther T4 Through Tilt Tube Electro Steer - Saltwater [550103]
Save $46.61
Uflex Hydraulic Hose Kit 4 - Pair [KITOBDBR-04']
Uflex USA Uflex Hydraulic Hose Kit 4 - Pair [KITOBDBR-04']
Sale price$118.95 Regular price$165.56
Save $42.05
Uflex M90 Mach Black Rotary Steering Cable - 10 [M90BX10]
Save $37.65
UFlex M66 13' Fast Connect Rotary Steering Cable Universal [M66X13]

Significance of Marine Steering System

The ability of your boat or yacht to travel safely depends on the efficiency of your steering system. The safety of the vessel depends on the condition of the steering system. Different marine product manufacturers are offering mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical steering systems. The connection between the steering wheel and the engine (or motors) will be made by the boat steering system. It also allows the safe and reliable operation of the vessel. Mechanical, electronic, and hydraulic steering systems are just a few of the several types available. Each type has advantages and disadvantages.

How to Replace an Old Steering System?

The steering system on boats is typically not given much thought by boaters as long as it performs its job without excessive play or friction. However, with the aging of boats or yachts, we need to replace the old steering system.

It's best to practice installing new steering after checking the type of your previous steering system. While rotary steering can be replaced with rotary, rack steering can be replaced with rack and hydraulic steering with hydraulic. This facilitates quick installation and guarantees smooth operation. You can easily determine the type of your steering system by checking the markings on the cable's jacket or inscriptions on the helm's cast or molded body.

What Types of Steering Systems Does Yachtxpress Offer?

Your trusted partner for boat and yacht accessories and safety gear, Yachtxpress brings you all types of steering systems. Power wheel steering wheels, rotary steering system, hydraulic cylinder, rotary steering cable steering wheel, outboard steering kit, clutch handle, and straight arm steer, throttle hand steer are a few of the products we deliver.

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