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Showing 1 - 24 of 191 products
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i2Systems Ember E1150Z Snap-In - Polished Chrome - Round - Cool White Light [E1150Z-11AAH]
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Sea-Dog Brass LED Dome Light - 4" Lens [400198-1]
Sea-Dog Sea-Dog Brass LED Dome Light - 4" Lens [400198-1]
Sale price$56.95 Regular price$98.95
Save $56.00
Sea-Dog Brass LED Day/Night Dome Light - 5" Lens [400358-1]
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HEISE 1.5" x 3" Auxiliary Accent Lighting Pod - White [HE-TL1]
Save $14.04
Lunasea Waterproof IP68 LED Strip Lights - Warm White - 5M [LLB-453W-01-05]
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Hella Marine White LED Easy Fit Step Lamp w/Chrome Cap [958126001]
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Sea-Dog White Plastic LED Dome Light 4" Day/Night - Clear/Red Bulb [401757-1]
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Sea-Dog Aurora Stainless Steel LED Pop-Up Table Light - 3W w/Touch Dimmer Switch [404610-3-403061-1]
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Sea-Dog Aurora LED Pop-Up Table Light - 5" [404610-3]
Sea-Dog Sea-Dog Aurora LED Pop-Up Table Light - 5" [404610-3]
Sale price$169.95 Regular price$295.00
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Taco T-Top Tube Light w/Aluminum Housing - White/Red LEDs [F38-2050R-1]
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Lumitec Moray Flex Lighting - Strip - Spectrum RGBW - 1.5 [101647]Lumitec Moray Flex Lighting - Strip - Spectrum RGBW - 1.5 [101647]
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Black Oak Rock Accent Light - Blue - White Housing [MAL-B]
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Black Oak Rock Accent Light - White - White Housing [MAL-W]
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Lumitec Fiji Courtesy Light - White Housing - Direct RGBW Lights - 4-Pack [101763]
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Innovative Lighting LED Bulkhead Livewell Light Flush Mount - Amber [011-1500-7]

Why Do You Need Marine Interior and Courtesy Lights?

A marine courtesy light illuminates areas like aisles, stairways, the deck, companionway, and low-hanging ceilings of boats and yachts. Navigating from one place to another in the boat becomes easy and safe at night with properly functioning courtesy lights. Your guests or crew members will no longer have to worry about slips, trips, and falls if you install the right type of interior and courtesy lights.

What Type of Courtesy Light is Required for A Boat?

Choosing the right courtesy light becomes possible by assessing the area to be covered and the operational style of the vessel. Courtesy lights can help you regulate the beams and ensure to illuminate the focal area. The compact LED courtesy lights, available in the shape of a disc, panel, or strip, are suitable for all areas of the boat.

Be careful while choosing the courtesy light for your deck, as the size of the boat and the size of the light should match. Courtesy lights should be small in size to prevent any obstruction on the wall or ceiling. You may also need different forms of lighting for the same boat to meet various illumination needs.

What Does Yachtxpress Have in Store?

A trusted dealer of courtesy lights and marine interior lights from all leading manufacturers, Yachtxpress provides customers with over 200 products. Lights manufactured by RV, Aqualuma LED Lighting, Attwood Marine, Black Oak LED, Davis Instruments, HEISE LED Lighting, Hella Marine, Innovative Lighting, and other top brands are available in our store.

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