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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products
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Orion Survival Craft First Aid Kit - Hard Plastic Case [816]
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Orion Blue Water First Aid Kit - Soft Case [841]
Orion Orion Blue Water First Aid Kit - Soft Case [841]
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Orion Cruiser First Aid Kit [965]
Orion Orion Cruiser First Aid Kit [965]
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Orion Weekender First Aid Kit [964]
Orion Orion Weekender First Aid Kit [964]
Sale price$40.95 Regular price$47.99

Why Can't Boaters Avoid Medical Kits?

If you own a boat, you are already well aware of the importance of a marine medical kit on the dock. The correct equipment can assist you in giving the initial treatment immediately to prevent the aggravation of emergencies. Fortunately, your best option is this Delta Provision water-resistant first aid kit.

Always look for a first aid kit that is durable, compact, and effective for all types of marine activities. Check out that you have all the items required to meet emergencies. Make sure that your medical kit is reliable for boating purposes. A lightweight and compact medical kit would be suitable for boats as you can easily carry and use it.

What should be there in a Marine First Aid Kit?

When out on the water, it's crucial to always have a first aid bag that is fully equipped. More importantly, it's essential to know what to include in your boat's first aid kit based on the size of your boat and the number of passengers you're transporting, when to resupply your boat's first aid kit, and where to keep it for quick access.

The first aid kit onboard your boat is designed primarily to handle small boating wounds like scrapes, cuts, and more. They typically include sterile nitrile gloves, antiseptics, bandages, and similar materials that most people can readily use to treat minor wounds.

Yachtxpress, A Trusted Platform for Medical Kits

Yachtxpress has a collection of prebuilt modular kits to treat specific medical emergencies. The kits contain all items required to treat simple cuts and abrasions, minor burns, and more.

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