Marine Personal Locator Beacons

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products
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Motorola Defy Satellite Link [BM3A01]Motorola Defy Satellite Link [BM3A01]
Motorola Motorola Defy Satellite Link [BM3A01]
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McMurdo SmartFind S5A AIS SART [1001755]McMurdo SmartFind S5A AIS SART [1001755]
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ACR ResQLink 400 [2921]ACR ResQLink 400 Personal Locator Beacon w/o Display [2921]
ACR Electronics ACR ResQLink 400 [2921]
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ACR ResQLink 435 View RLS [2932]
ACR Electronics ACR ResQLink 435 View RLS [2932]
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ACR ResQLink 410 RLS [2931]
ACR Electronics ACR ResQLink 410 RLS [2931]
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Ocean Signal RescueME PLB1 Personal Locator Beacon w/7-Year Battery Storage Life [730S-01261]
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ACR ResQLink View 425 w/Display [2922]ACR ResQLink View 425 w/Display [2922]
ACR Electronics ACR ResQLink View 425 w/Display [2922]
Sale price$419.95 Regular price$491.95

How Effective is A Marine Personal Locator Beacon?

A personal electronic transmitting device known as a personal locator beacon, or PLB, is used to signal possible rescuers to a life-threatening situation on the water.

A remote rescue coordination center receives the principal 406MHz signal sent out by personal locating beacons. This may help to sound the alarm and send out search and rescue personnel. The signal helps the rescue team to identify the location of the person in need of assistance.

PLBs are typically carried by people and are registered to them. They are made to transmit for a minimum of 24 hours and are a great safety tool for persons traveling in boats and yachts. Based on the manufacturing pattern, some PLBs float, and others do not float. Internal GPS helps some PLBs provide the location more accurately.

Features of Marine PLBs

PLBs need to be manually turned on by the user. The user will need to hold the antenna upright to reliably broadcast a signal. A PLB is noticeably smaller because it is designed to be worn on a person. Smaller in size, PLBs fit in lifejackets. The retractable antennas and warranty period are the highlights of this device.

How To Select Marine Personal Locator Beacon?

Personal Locator Beacon comes in different forms. You can choose among a Personal AIS Beacon, man overboard beacon, pathfinder, solar panel supported kit, two-way satellite communicator, etc. Yachtxpress provides customers with quality products from brands like ACR Electronics, McMurdo, Ocean Signal, etc.

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