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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products
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SeaDek Small Sheet - 18" x 38" - Sunburst Yellow Embossed [23901-80293]
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SeaDek Long Sheet - 18" x 74" - Sunburst Yellow Embossed [23897-80293]
Save $35.04
SeaDek Long Sheet - 18" x 74" - Ruby Red Embossed [23897-18444]
Save $74.04
SeaDek Large Sheet - 40" x 80" - Island Green Embossed [23875-80506]

Why Do Boaters Need Seadek?

A favorite choice for the leading manufacturers in the marine business, SeaDek is also a favorite of boat and yacht owners. Boat owners looking for a makeover to their vessel or customization of the boat depend on SeaDek. Products like SeaDek, which are made of closed-cell PE/EVA foam, provide secure and cozy substitutes for marine traction items now available on the market. SeaDek eliminates the requirement for molded-in non-skid. Besides, it is simple to install and saves OEMs time and money.

The strong peel-and-stick application of SeaDek, which is made with a high-bond pressure-sensitive adhesive with an acrylic base, simplifies the installation process. You don't need to attach any hardware for installation. With its numerous textures, thicknesses, and hues available, SeaDek offers practically limitless customizability to boaters and yachters.

Features of Seadek

Compared to other marine traction materials now on the market, SeaDek non-skid, closed-cell EVA products provide a secure and comfortable alternative to boaters. SeaDek is made of UV-protected, non-absorbent foam and comes in a brushed, embossed, or micro-dot finish.

SeaDek prevents skidding even on the damp surface with excellent traction. Unmatched comfort to the boaters is a guarantee they walk, stand, or stoop on boat surfaces. The surface gets shock absorption support and protection against dents, chips, and scratches after installing the boat outfitting. Protection from noise is also a promise by the product. Customizability and availability of a wide range of products ensure support to boaters to change the style of their vessel.

Pick The Right Product

Yachtxpress provides customers with all variants of SeaDek products that are stain-resistant and the favorite products of boaters and yachters who wish to keep their boats clean.

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